Mobility and international information transfer via Internet call for wireless LAN and a power supply. Nowhere is this more important than at an airport. Vienna Airport therefore offers passengers free wireless Internet access in all areas, including restaurants. A notebook equipped with a WiFi compatible Wireless Lan card or a smartphone is required. Your device does not have to be specially configured. 

In times of increased job mobility, airports frequently become a second workplace. In particular, business travellers are given the opportunity to conduct their daily business at Vienna Airport with functional solutions. There are specially equipped workspaces at gates F and G, which offer laptop space in addition to power outlets.

The seating areas at gates B and C are equipped with integrated power outlets and USB charging connections in order to ensure a corresponding power supply during your stay.

However, there are also freely usable power outlets for charging mobile end devices in all other areas of the airport.


A place of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the busy airport. They are available to members of all religions and all world views. The prayer room in Terminal 3 (level 2) is publicly accessible round the clock for all persons. Additional prayer rooms – only accessible with boarding pass – can be found in Terminal 3 (level 3) and the Plaza.


Plaza (Schengen)
Terminal 3 (level 2, no boarding pass required)
Terminal 3 (Non Schengen)

The Airport pastoral care office in Terminal 3 (level 2) is manned by staff from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:00. In urgent cases, the pastoral care team can also be reached by telephone. The telephone number can be found at the entrance to the office. A Christian church service is held on Sundays at 08:00.



Visitors from third countries or non-EU countries can apply for a refund of the VAT on all their purchases made in Austria before their return flight. For your VAT refund, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Present all required documents (duly completed Tax Free forms along with your original invoices, air ticket, passport) and goods at the eValidation service counter in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Your documents will be digitally recorded at this stage.

Goods that are not carried in hand luggage can be validated for export in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.

Documents for goods carried in hand luggage can be digitized in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. However, these goods will only be validated after the security check.

Step 2:

After validating your export goods, check in your luggage at check-in. If your purchased goods are in your carry-on luggage, make sure to have the corresponding documents for the export of your purchases validated after passing the security checks.

Step 3:

Claim back the VAT on your purchases. Once validated, you may claim your Tax Free Refund in cash at Interchange or have it credited directly to your credit card.

If any part of the necessary information on your Tax Free Form has been filled out incorrectly or incompletely, or if goods requiring presentation cannot be submitted, the application for VAT refund will be rejected. 


VAT will only be refunded if the following conditions are met:

  1. Your main residence is in a third country or non-EU country.

  2. You do not have a secondary residence within the European Union. Third territories – for instance the Canary Islands, Greenland, Lake Lugano or San Marino – are exempt from this rule.

  3. The total value of your purchase must be at least 75.01 Euro per invoice.
    Note: The minimum of 75.01 Euro per invoice applies to each individual invoice.

    An example:

    Two invoices from the same day and from the same shop with a purchase value of 30 Euro and 50 Euro each do not entitle the customer to a VAT refund.
    The minimum purchase amount is determined by national law.